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What is this blog all about?

This a place where i like to talk about and document what goes on with my aquariums, in the hope that it will be of interest to someone or convey some useful information. Failing that, i hope you will find some of the pictures nice to look at!

As for pictures, there are hundreds! I get a bit trigger happy with the camera, but always believe in the expression of "A picture paints a thousand words"

I am not an aquarium expert by any standards, however i do have many years experience of keeping aquatic animals. I am always on a learning curve with this hobby and thoroughly enjoy the challenge it brings. As a result i may make the odd mistake!

Can i comment?

Of course, i would love to hear your feedback, recommendations or advice.

Why is it called "Daily FTS"?

I originally started this blog alongside another one. Daily FTS was a project where i intended to take a Daily Full Tank Shot of my aquariums and post progression with them. It didnt really work and soon fell foul of my work commitments and other arrangements.

The other blog which was destined to be a normal information blog didnt really get off the ground, amd seeing as there was at least some contect here, i decided to keep this one going.

I will add FTS pictures but the site is not dedicated to them.

How can i find this blog?

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