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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Getting back into it!

Well its been a while! I last posted on here back in October 2013, sadly I’ve had issues with the big three in the past 6 months, health, work and relationships! So spending quality time on a hobby i love has been sadly put on the back burner, hence my total lack of updates.

Things we’re touch and go at one point where all my aquariums, including my half finished reef tank, were on the verge of being shut down… thankfully this has not been the case, and life has taken a turn for the better and I’m finally starting to make progress again!

My planted tank has been ticking over nicely if anything. It has been effectively renamed as the Java Jungle due to the fact that it is now pretty much completely grown out with a Java fern i added into the tank several months ago!

The steps i took to cure the Cyano problem documented back in this post turned out to be a great success and the slime has completely died back as a result. After this i ensured that i maintained my water changes and EI Dosing to keep the parameters stable. In fact… thats pretty much all i have done since posting, I’ve not changed or meddled with anything and just kept to a strict but simple enough regime and the fauna is growing like wildfire, the water is always crystal clear, and everything that lives in there thrives happily.

Ive effectively lived by the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given when it comes to aquariums...

“We are water keepers, not fish keepers” - Get your chemistry correct and everything will fall into place.

Juwel Lido

Ok so my planted tank is never going to win any competitions, but it still remains as an experiment and learning curve for me, and i have learnt A LOT when it comes to this sort of thing! The plan is to upgrade this tank in the near future and take what i have learned and apply it to the new setup where i will spend more effort in terms of aquascaping and adding different plant species.

My reef tank, of course, continues to tick over. It has now spent around 6 months just full of RO, the original intention of this being to do a soak of the ceramics to sap out any silicates and phosphates. Not having the enthusiasm for the tank over the recent months has actually paid dividends to this process! Silicates came and hung around for a while and i had a batch of strange silicate based algae, this has since trailed off to a completely untraceable amount, or at least the Salifert test kit i used cannot detect anything, and its never shown any phosphates at all from the start, so i am suitably happy about this, that i will be salting up and cycling a tank that is free (or should be) of any of these nuisance impurities from the start.

Reef Tank

Some significant equipment changes have taken place, i will detail and document them in a another post very soon, but for now i am looking forward at finalising many of the unfinished parts of the project and finally getting some life into this aquarium.

Other than that, i have been part of the Fusion BETA testing for the Neptune Systems APEX controller, again, i will post my thoughts in more detail on that very soon, but its already taken a brilliant system to the next level and beyond, really looking forward to the functionality that the Neptune Systems guys will add in future.

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