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Saturday, 11 May 2013

JBL CoolControl

The CoolControl is a thermostatic controller released alongside the range of JBL Cooler aquarium fans.

07-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.58

08-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.24

At first i wondered if this unit, retailing at a price of £23, would have a method of ramping the fan speed based on the temperature threshold point in an attempt to keep possible noise down.

This is not the case. The CoolControl is a simple On-Off thermostat that switches the power above and below the temperature set on the large dial…

09-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.30

While i was probably expecting too much from this controller, it does its job perfectly, all in a small and neat package that fits in line with the original power transformer and the fan unit…

The small temp sensor is easy enough to hide away somewhere within the water body, and both it, and the power cord are very generous in length, so there should be minimal mounting issues…

10-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.48

11-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.52

The underside holds the power input and a switch for Auto (as per the temp dial), manual (always on) and Off…

12-JBL CoolControl Aquarium Fan Controller.59

There is little more to say on the CoolControl, other than its a worthwhile add-on to the Cooler fans if you have no other form of temperature controller installed. It certainly helps having to manually switch a fan, or fear your aquarium overheating and not being able to get too it.

I would say it is on the expensive side for what it does and there are potentially cheaper alternatives. But none are in such a small and neat package in comparison.

Unfortunately i wont actually be using it with the Cooler fans i am installing, as the Apex is more than capable of looking after the switching in a more advanced form, but if i didnt have the option i would definitely keep the CoolControl installed.

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