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Monday, 22 April 2013

Tidying Up!

I came to realise that the installed Apex on the Lido was something of a tragic mess, hanging precariously from the curtain hook with a tie wrap, it was never going to win any awards for a tidy setup!

Neptune Systems Apex.39

A piece of offcut contiboard from a previous house project provided an ideal mounting board for the Base Unit, EB6 and LSM module…

Neptune Systems Apex

… and could then be neatly tucked down the side of the cabinet out of the way and easy enough to slide back out should it be required…

Neptune Systems Apex-001

As i begin to delve deeper into the use of CO2 on the Lido, it seemed wise to attach the pH probe that came with the base kit to the controller.

Neptune Systems Apex ph Probe

I carried out the calibration using the provided pH sample packets by first letting them float in the tank water to bring them to the same temperature. The process of calibrating the probe is then very straight forward, following the instructions in the Comprehensive Manual and on screen prompts it was done within minutes. The only other thing you really need is a cup of RO water to rinse down the probe after each solution dip.

The probe was then added to the water and secured to the tank, and away we go…

Neptune Systems Apex.06

And a quick trace graph shot from the iPhone app showing a 2 week trend…

Neptune Systems Apex pH Graph App

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