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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Out of gas

It seems that i didn't learn from previous experience of using 88g cylinders! Either that or the TMC regulator is just of poor quality or design?

Either way, the cylinder i installed 4 days ago is now empty!

TMC CO2 Regulator.04

To say it was running a bubble every 3 seconds or so, i find it highly unlikely that the system has used so much gas already!

In fact i have the inclination that it lasted well under 48 hours looking at the pH graph from the Apex…

Neptune Systems Apex pH Graph iPhone App.57

There was a promising dip at first indicating a favourable increase in acidic activity, then it shot back up to the usual values i have been seeing through the day.

As i work away from home for the first part of the week, this is what greeted me when i checked up on the tank while being sat in a hotel, sure enough when i arrived home, there were no bubbles going through the diffuser and the gauge was reading zero…

Thankfully i had a refill for the JBL Bio 160 system so i mixed that up and added it to the tank to at least get a bit of CO2 into there for now…

JBL ProFlora Bio Refill.28

I think i will spend some time this weekend looking at finding a local supplier that can provide me with proper bottled CO2 gas!

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