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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lido Progress

The oddities continue with the Lido.

Last weeks water change went from being a regular maintenance event and ended up as a mass clear-out session of the remaining plant life losses and removal of old root balls buried in the substrate. As well as a well deserved trim on the Java Fern.

By the end it look a lot more clean and tidy, despite a bit of free floating dust that was soon removed by the filter. Hence the mist…

3-Daily FTS.52

After a few weeks of the tanks plant life getting worse and worse, i felt a little relieved after carrying this out and managed to salvage a few of the healthiest looking shoots to try and encourage them to regrow.

The JBL ProFlora Bio 160 system has been running a few weeks now, and growth does seem to be aided, but the concentration is still very low and has barely risen…

1-Daily FTS.08

So i assume the small amount of CO2 the Bio 160 kit adds into the volume is being taken up very quickly before levels can build up.

A pressurised system is becoming more and more a priority to try and boost the CO2 levels up.

On another note i ended up getting hold of a couple of Sewellia lineolata Gold Ring Butterfly Sucking Loaches. A very pretty and unusual small loach i have not come across very often.

Also, the first “sucker fish” i have ever owned that has made an active beeline for tufts of green algae!

Sewellia lineolata

These guys chill out during the daylight hours it would seem, then become much more active when the moonlights are up and the early night-time hours. I sat on several occasion watching a darkened tank and admiring their unusual movement patterns, which involves a rather unique “sidewinder” type wiggle as they seem to articulate their body half way along.

I did start with two of them…

Sewellia lineolata

But sadly lost one a few days later for no apparant reason other than an odd red surface blemish to towards the tail fin on one side of the fishes body.

I was pretty bummed out about the fact, but fortunately the other is thriving quite happily and has also been out for a sniff of a sinking catfish pellet while the Bristlenose and Cory's are distracted elsewhere.

Sewellia lineolata

Upgrade time for this tank may be coming a little sooner, after i caught a glimpse of a TMC Signature aquarium. For the price, these tanks seem like a good alternative and should be a bit cheaper than a custom build. I will have to work out how it compares in the near future.

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