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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Woodson Build - Part 13

A few pictures and a quick update on the Reef tank… plenty more to come for this, just need to sit down and get writing!

A load of sand ready to go in!

Caribsea Fiji Pink.56

I had forgot to install the CO2 solenoid for the DaStaCo when i did the remounting(!), done now…

DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.45

Started to install and route the wires for it…

DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.23

Installed the controller and dosing pump in safe locations out the way. The controller is tucked up in the top corner, the doser is behind one of the uprights. easy enough to get at, but shouldn't get in the way.

DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.40

DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.55

Talking about DaStaCo, there are some new upgrades on the way for it.

Firstly a light sensor that adjust the dosing through out the lighting cycle as coral growth increases during the daylight hours.

And a new controller system to optimise CO2 gas usage.

I've not used my DaStaCo in anger as of yet, but will look at adding these two items in the near future.

On a side note there is a new DaStaCo reactor that looks very trick, they call it the XtremA!

DaStaCo XtremA

Looks cool with the twin acrylic towers, but i prefer my original panel mount one for the time being seeing as it fits better with my total setup.

DaStaCo reactors are available as always from H2O Aquatics.

Back to the DIY side of my build, i have now drilled the acrylic refugium for its pipework…

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.00

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.05

This all went reasonably well, but it did end up taking a chunk out of one panel at one point due to a lapse in concentration!

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.27

Thankfully, it came out in one piece, and the doubled up walls have turned out to be a godsend in this mishap!

The removed piece was doused in solvent cement and clamped into position.

It worked a treat and its hard to see the defect afterwards! (Looks worse than it is in the next picture!)

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.43

I still don't fully trust myself with this acrylic work, even though I've proven so far that it doesnt leak! So i added a seam of HA6 to the joints to try and reinforce faith in myself!

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.30

Masked and added a seam to all corner joints…

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.20

Then added the tank connectors…

Daily FTS Custom DIY Acrylic Refugium.58

Almost ready to go into the system!

Loads of new items arrived and arriving soon, and a lot of Neptune Apex silliness coming up in the next posts!

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