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Saturday, 9 February 2013

RO Machine - Part 9

Project RO Machine has been a little slow as of late, mainly due to freezing temperatures and me making a mess of myself and pulling my back!

But i did make a start on building the systems enclosure that it will live it and hopefully remain insulated from any cold weather.

I started by removing this pile of crap from under the work bench and making another pile of crap with it elsewhere in the garage…

1-Daily FTS RO Machine.16

Using mostly recycled materials too and my frankly poor woodwork skills, i started to build in a frame of some sorts…

2-Daily FTS RO Machine.49

A couple offcuts of Contiboard for a mounting plate…

3-Daily FTS RO Machine.04

To provide a suitable surface to mount the RO Unit…

4-Daily FTS RO Machine.24

Eventually this will all be boxed in and insulated and the control unit will be above the bench for easy access. It looks a bit rough for now but should serve its purpose!

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