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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feb 13 - Lido Update

Its been a while since i said anything about my freshwater tank… well its been a while since i have said anything at all!

But its worth a mention at the moment as in some respects it has gone down hill a little.

If you have read before hand, i try to keep a level of plantation in this tank. Its no show stopper by anyone's standards, but it generally has always had an interesting enough aquascape with basic plants for both the fish and the casual viewer to enjoy.

Something is up though, most of my Vallis plants are just falling apart at the moment, while the Java Fern seems to continue to flourish.

I have not changes the fertilizer dosing, and have switched to EasyLife EasyCarbo for the carbon supplement, seeing as it was about half the price of Seachem Flourish Excel i thought i would give it a shot.

I apologise in advance for the hopeless image quality of this post! My point and shoot camera is just terrible, however, i have fixed my DSLR! So this should be rectified very soon!

EasyLife EasyCarbo.47

One thing i have altered though is the amount of Seachem Equilibrium i use in the tank. I had halved the recommended dose to try and reign in the GH levels of the tank that seemed to be rising out of proportion. But looking into the issues and reading around the internet i have learned that Vallis plants, from a few sources, soak up quite a bit of carbonate hardness?

The plants are literally disintegrating at the moment and i regularly find myself removing a handful of released leaves every couple of days.

With me reducing the amount of mineral addition i wonder if its my actions that are killing the plants off?

I am certainly going to try upping it back to the recommended dose, as these plants were growing like weeds at one point, requiring a pruning session every week.

Again, a poor image, and only the early stages of the Vallis going down hill, in fact they are probably down to half of this by now…

Daily FTS Juwel Lido 120.58

The Java Fern meanwhile, keeps on sending out new shoots and forming new plantlets…

Daily FTS Juwel Lido 120.50

And last but not least, some green algae has returned to the tank, in a matting formation on the sand. This is very odd as the parameters have hardly shifted and maintenance is always kept on top of.

I am currently siphoning the “mats” out every week to try and keep it cut down.

Daily FTS Juwel Lido 120.30

I have been speaking to a few people and my next big project after the Woodson Reef Tank is running will be to upgrade the Lido and concentrate on a proper planted tank.

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