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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 8

I felt this part of the build warranted its own section rather than tagging it onto the end of Part 7.

I had taken delivery of my DaStaCo Calcium Reactor around a month ago and have had plans to mount it on the inside of one of the cabinet doors, allowing it to swing out for easy access and maintenance and not have to be forced in between any of the other equipment.

So with a fresh piece of acrylic, cut to size that will fit on the inside of the door, here is what i have achieved.

The beautifully simple design of the DaStaCo, means a few nuts and bolts holding it all to the back plate simply need undoing to remove the reaction chambers.

01-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.08

I didnt want to cut down the original board that came with the reactor, just in case i want to restore it to its original condition, and that i don't have adequate equipment to cut acrylic in such a way and as a result it would end up looking like a mess!

So with the new piece on the rear of the door i did a visual test mount…

02-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.21

To ensure the new back plate fits ok, allows the door to open and close and without fouling the reactor chamber, i had to edge it across slightly by forming some cut-outs to work around the hinges…

07-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.25

I couldn't use the original mounting screws do to wanting a flush mount, so i switched them out for countersunk screws…

08-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.40

I also drilled and pilot drilled several holes into the door, including countersinking the board in order to mount it to the woodwork…

12-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.04-001

The clamps and brackets were all installed before attaching the board to the door…

13-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.25-001

With the reaction chambers reinstalled and the door applied back onto the cabinet, tucks away neatly and should make it a doddle to work with!

14-Daily FTS DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.03

Just need to mount the controller and dosing pump which i will finalise when the refugium is installed.

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