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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 7

After a week of not being able to get close to the tank due to work and other commitments, i finally managed to get some time in this afternoon!

I did want to maximise time usage on getting as many of the “internal box” panels glued into the Refugium as possible, unfortunately most of the day was spent installing a new fence on my garden, but thankfully as the light levels fell and tools were put away, i could spend a few hours on my tank!

Started by grinding back the joints of the “outer box” mainly where the glue had spilled in from holding the joints together. This is to create a small under rad fillet so the inner panels will butt up correctly, and offer the chance to run a bead of thicker cement in to bridge and bond a tight seal.

05-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.46

I achieved this using a ball nose burr on my multi tool…

04-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.44

And then applied a liberal amount of cement along the edges and a cross hatched pattern of roughly 50mm squares onto the full face of the panel.

The internal piece was then applied, tapped into the corners and then clamped and weighted down…

06-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.49

I also ran the needle bottle along the front and top edges.

Three more faces to do, then it will be left for a week to allow the final joints to fully cure. I will tidy up any rough and obvious edges then carry out a wet test and fill the tank with water. Assuming it doesn't explode or leak within a week i think i will be happy enough to install the pipework and get it added into the system.

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