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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 6

A few minor updates.

A load of pipe fittings arrived today…

1-Daily FTS.49

… and some pipe!

2-Daily FTS.54

I think i will have enough to get me by! Although i did order a load of 1/2” stuff only to accidently order 1/4” hose adaptors like a total fool!

All these pipe, bits and pieces will be for installing the Refugium, will make up the base of my Reactor controls and some of the plumbing for the RO Machine.

Sadly i didnt get chance to spend some time working on the Refugium itself as i remained in the house waiting for the knock on the door for the delivery of the pipe parts!

But i did at least unclamp it and get it out into natural light now most of the “outer box” is complete…

3-Daily FTS Custom Built Refugium.33

Turned out quite well i feel! I’m quite pleased with myself!

One slight gap on the very top corner though…

4-Daily FTS Custom Built Refugium.13

Its only a couple of millimetres, so i made a well and put a drop of cement in there to hopefully block it up.

5-Daily FTS Custom Built Refugium.59

All being well, when i start to add the “internal box” by doubling up all the existing panels, a small corner glitch like that should be no issue, especially as it remains above the water line too.

I work afternoons at the moment and it annoys me that i keep having to walk away from working on the various projects! Wish i had got plenty in to work on over Christmas now!

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