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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 5

A couple more edges done on the Refugium.

Happily found it in once piece still, since adding the two end pieces from the day before…

1-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.00

First job was to prepare the corners where the rear panel will be mating up to them. As you would expect there is some adhesive/acrylic goo that has been squeezed out when the two pieces were put together. Trying to get a square cut piece up against this will cause nothing but problems!

(Note! The red knife was to give the camera something to differentiate the contrast with! Taking pictures of shiny black plastic is nion impossible!)

2-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.39

As you can see in the previous picture, there is a blob right in the corner where i wanted to butt the next panel up to.

So with a pointed milling bit/burr, and a slow and steady speed on the multi-tool…

3-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.57

I carefully removed the excess glue from the surface and then ran the pointed end along the corner where the two pieces meet…

4-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.08

It looks rougher than it is! But it gave back the desirable condition!

Next i picked up the piece to make the rear face and promptly dropped it on the concrete floor!

5-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.14

I was livid and did swear a little bit…. however!

Through some weird and untoward fate… CPS had accidently sent me an extra piece of acrylic… which just happened to be exactly the same as the one i had just bust the corner off! The elation really was quite something!

Now i had to decide how to assemble the rear piece in, and i realise now that i should have done this bit second, then the other side piece! Just due to the fact that the clamping arrangement would have been far easier!

In the end i decided to glue the bottom edge…

6-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.52

It didnt end up as tricky as i thought it would be. The clamps on the top were sturdy enough and the pin method continued to work a charm. When giving the cement (which is “water thin”) 30seconds to start melting the acrylic, i can do one final check and ensure everything is still aligned.

I then pulled the pins, and gently tapped the top edge of the piece being glued (the clamps are only holding lightly at this moment), with a soft faced mallet to push it down against the mating piece, then tighten the clamps slightly.

Using the stops on the work bench also helped as i could push the base up to them and then ensure the rear piece was also flush… remembering to not leave them in contact afterwards… due to the excess glue!

7-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.58

Four hours passed for that edge to get a good grip, so i carried on with one of the remaining side joints.

Again i though this would be awkward when trying to get a sufficient amount of adhesive into the gap, but by being careful and manoeuvring the pins into position, there was adequate movement in the acrylic to allow an acceptable gap…

8-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.00-001

Enough for the needle bottle to wick a generous amount in anyway…

I was tempted to do the other side while i was at this point, but reined my enthusiasm in! I'm doing well for now with not rushing, and it will probably be more beneficial when the opposing side can be glued face down so the weight helps to keep the pieces together…

9-Daily FTS DIY Acrylic Refugium.43 

The jug of water as shown helps to keep the weight on the corner that is curing.

Last edge tomorrow and then i will start adding the internal pieces as these 4 sides of the cube will be doubled up in and over-engineered effort to ensure its strong and watertight!

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