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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 4

Landed a large order of acrylic pieces recently to start working on some of the DIY projects i have planned for my Woodson Aquaria Reef Aquarium. I got my acrylic from the same placed i used when i constructed the Radion PSU Shelves. Feeling confident that i pulled the neat looking shelves off, i decided to embark on a slightly more challenging DIY construction.

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.15

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.16

The largest project of all, is building the Refugium. Why is it built from black acrylic? Well the front panel will be clear, but i do then have the option to cover it and black the front face out and turn it into a cryptic zone, should i feel like experimenting with that sort of thing in future.

So the construction starts, first acquired some corner clamps, to help keep things square…

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.01

I also decided to employ the “pin method” i had picked up from several sources based on acrylic aquarium construction…

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.44

In short, i have clamped the two pieces of acrylic together, with a pin roughly every 100mm along the length, this then leaves a pin width gap…

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.03

I used Tensol-12 to do the bonding, which is a water thin acrylic cement.

The cement is squeezed into the gap, left for around 20seconds to start melting the surround acrylic on both the edge and face of the two pieces.

The pins are then pulled free and the corner lamps are tightened up, pulling the two pieces together, hopefully creating a uniform, complete, strong, and (hopefully) water tight joint.

I couldn't take any pictures of me actually doing the cementing as all concentration and both hands were required!

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.57

Perhaps a bit too generous on the first joint, some cement and the fluid plastic did squeeze out. Shouldn't be too much of an issue to clear it going forwards though.

Daily FTS Reef Aquarium.29

I intend to give each joint at least 4 hours to cure, meaning i will only get one or two done per day. No need to rush and mess it up though!

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