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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Woodson Build - Part 11

The next job was to adjust the return pipe.

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (7)

It was fine the way it was, but i have since changed my mind several times, and it has now turned out, that the 90deg elbow has put the hose connector in the way of my reactors.

I couldn't just cut it off and put a 90deg bend on and run it flush along the underside of the cabinet, due to the tank connector length and clamp nut.

So i had to make a sort of u-bend to first connect to the vertical pipe and then realign it back up to the underside surface, I don't think this will cause too much of an issue, but may reduce the flow efficiency a little due to the extra drag.

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (1)

The u-bend replaces the 90deg and hose connector…

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (3)

The pipe is the attached to the underside of the cabinet and runs along the surface then returns to the back wall before eventually dropping down to the return chamber…

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (4)

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (5)

The sump is shown out of position in the last picture as i had slid it along in order to work around the tank connectors…

As a result there is now a nice and neat hard pipe which will connect with a few inches of hose from the pump.

And the reactors now all fit in perfect, and are easy to manoeuvre in and out of the cabinet…

Daily FTS Aquarium PVCu Pipework (8)


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