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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Joke!

If you are experiencing the joys of the current cold front in Britain like i am…

2-Daily FTS RO Unit Cold Snow.14

Make sure you bring your RO Unit inside the house or at least keep it insulated somewhere! If any residual water inside your unit were to freeze, and lets take a step back to junior school science, as water turns to ice, it increases in volume.

This can potentially crack the pods on your RO Unit and destroy them and/or the sealing mechanisms, likewise the membranes do not like to be frozen solid. So save yourself money by being vigilant.

My RO Unit lives in the garage at the moment and is pending to be built into an insulated cupboard for the RO Machine project. However the supply, waste and some of the pipes on the unit had started to freeze, thankfully i caught this before the membranes and filters went the same way.

As a result i had to construct an Ad-Hoc setup in the kitchen, so i have RO for my next water change!

1-Daily FTS RO Unit Cold Snow.43

Always a good idea to keep a few lengths of hose, connectors and an alternative hook up source should you ever need to do the same.

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