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Friday, 18 January 2013

Neptune Systems Apex Controller arrives in UK!

neptune systems apex aqauarium controller

Ok, i am pretty psyched about this!

Finally the Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium controller has landed on UK shores!

I have been following the progress and information about this system for several years, but it has remained a US product for most of its life.

However Neptune Systems now produce the fully CE Compliant EB6 Energy Bar, which is their name for a plug bar, designed to work with 240v UK sockets.

Reading the very well written Comprehensive Reference Manual the Apex controller really shines in some areas and looks to have a significant advantage over some of its rivals, especially in the custom programming area.

A few tag lines for the Apex system…

Sleek design
Competitive pricing
Built-in Web Server
html Dashboard with webcam integration
Fully Plug & Play
Temp, pH, ORP, Conductivity, leak & Oxygen probes all available*
base unit features switchable BNC connection for either 2xpH or 1xPh + 1xORP probe connection.
LED Dimming
Tunze & EcoTech Control
Legacy X-10 support
6x float switches supported as standard, more can be added as needed*
Long Life probes
Multiple Alarm types (including email)
Quality construction
Android and iPhone/iPad software (free)
Power monitoring & UPS ready
Simple or Advanced programming
Huge online support community
Lunar simulation*
* Additional hardware may be required

All of the Apex add on equipment will be making its way to the UK too, some prices for the equipment include…

AquaController Apex Base Unit, Display, Std pH Probe, Temp Probe & EB6 £599.95
Apex Base Unit £279.95
Apex Display Module £139.95
Energy Bar 6 socket - 220-240V only £209.95
PM1 pH or ORP, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box £94.95
PM2 Conductivity, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box £94.95
PM3 Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box £109.95
Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible £139.95
Advanced Leak Detection Module £87.95
Advanced Leak Detection Low-Profile (under-carpet) Probe £36.95
Advanced Leak Detection Solid-Surface Probe £36.95
Variable Speed /Dimming Module/AquaIlluminations Compatible £114.95
Dimmable Lunar Simulator - 3 LED £104.95
Dimmable Lunar Simulator - 5 LED £124.95
3' AquaBus Cable (M/M) £15.95
6' AquaBus Cable (M/M) £20.95
15' AquaBus Cable (M/M) £30.95
15' AquaBus Extension Cable (M/F) £32.95
I/O Breakout Box (6x TTL connections) £48.95
2 Channel Apex to Stream Cable £26.95
2 Channel Apex to Light Dimming Cable £20.95
Advanced LED Dimming Cable for VDM (for AI and Acan LEDs) £24.95
Temperature Probe £51.95
Standard Grade pH Probe £51.95
Standard Grade ORP Probe £72.95
Lab Grade pH Probe £78.95
Lab Grade ORP Probe £91.95
Lab Grade Conductivity Probe £129.95
Oxygen Probe £459.95
4.00 Calibration Fluid £1.50
7.00 Calibration Fluid £1.50
10.00 Calibration Fluid £1.50
Conductivity Calibration Solution - 53.0 mS £1.95

Very well priced into the UK market i feel, considering the functionality and expandability of this system. I would suggest following the previous link and having a good read of the reference manual to get an idea of what this system is capable of in a more in-depth sense, as it is far more than i can write about here!

I have purchased one of the Base Packages to have a go with and get to grips with the system. It will essentially be going up against the mighty GHL Profilux which i currently have operating one of my aquariums. I am very keen to see how well it performs against such a giant already established in the European market.

A big thanks to Nick at Aquarium Cabinet Solutions for supplying the kit too.

Neptune Systems Homepage for more information.

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