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Thursday, 27 December 2012

RO Machine - Part 8

Latest progress on the RO Machine…

I had finally depleted the contents of the water butt so i could install the level sensors…

These are available from

1-Daily FTS RO Machine.27

Made a couple of holes in the barrel using a multi tool, mainly using a milling bit followed by a sanding cylinder which was exactly the same as the thread size, so with the roughed hole the sanding cylinder just needed gently pushing through and it made a perfect sized and round hole!

2-Daily FTS RO Machine.11

The two floats installed…

3-Daily FTS RO Machine.50

These floats will communicated with the Arduino to tell it when the barrel is full or empty.

The third and longer float you can see was already installed. This is a valve and where the water comes in from the RO Unit’s output.

It is mounted slightly higher than the electronic float switch and will shut off the feed should the switch fail for any reason.

The switches themselves are just normal micro switches that activate when the float actuates…

4-Daily FTS RO Machine.04

In an effort to make the final system look as neat and tidy as possible and not have wires and other random components hanging around, not to mention, protecting them from possible damage.

I had it in my mind that some kind of enclosure would be required to fulfil this.

Ideally i really wanted one of the large steel automation cabinets you can get to really complete the look. However, for the size i really require, then can reach hundreds if not thousands of pounds! So that was put to one side…

Plastic enclosures were also looked at, but i could really find a large enough one to compare with the proper steel cabinets.

In the end i came across this…

5-Daily FTS RO Machine.37

It’s a big sturdy and spacious enclosure with a lockable door!

It’s basically an electric/gas meter box that you find on the side of your house, and cost me the handsome sum of £30! Brand new!

It should be ideal as its made from GRP, and already has weak points so you can punch small areas out to run cables or pipes in and out of it.

Not the most sophisticated looking thing but it should certainly do the job!

As a bonus it has a thick chipboard backboard, so mounting stuff into it is even easier!

6-Daily FTS RO Machine.35

So far i have made a bit of a shelf and mounted the solenoids to them, function over form again with a piece of MDF and a couple of brackets, but they are safe and secure and should be plenty of room for piping up as there is a gap at the rear of the shelf too.

7-Daily FTS RO Machine.01

8-Daily FTS RO Machine.44

I’m not 100% sure what to do with the rest of the space in the box. From the pictures you can see i have offered the pumps up to see if they will fit in, and i think there will be enough room, however i have considered putting the main controller and TDS controller in there instead?

I do feel its perhaps best to protect the controllers from any accidental water spray should it happen, and keep them mounted externally, after all, water and electricity are generally not a good mix!

If the pumps do go in there, i may get a second box to mount the electronics into???

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