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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

RO Machine - Part 6b

Just to round off part 6 as a whole.

Purchased a new button for the one with the failed LED. All good now.

Shortened all the wires for the buttons to the interface board, as there was no need for them to be so long anymore, and saves forcing loads of additional wire into the case.

Daily FTS RO Machine.46

Programmed a few test sequences to check the illumination and the operation of the buttons…

Daily FTS RO Machine.53

All lights up fine! Although the green seems a bit dim, despite having the same load resistor as the rest. It works enough to see, so that's fine!

Daily FTS RO Machine.21

Followed by a quick test to ensure all the connections for the button interface worked, thankfully the whole thing works a complete treat!

Next job is to get the relay boards wired in…

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