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Sunday, 16 December 2012

RO Machine - Part 6a

A quick update from the larger operation yesterday. Looking into the two button illumination issues.

After a bit of testing with the Multi Meter, it turns out one circuit seemed to have continuity between other circuits from the interface board back to the Arduino. Namely the button that would light on another circuit but not on its own.

After removing the interface board and looking very closely, i noted a tiny splinter of conductive material bridging two tracks, obviously from me making the breaks and not thoroughly checking afterwards. With that removed, everything then worked fine on that circuit! Luck of the draw i suppose that the short circuit didnt damage anything!

The other button failing to illuminated does look as though the LED within the button itself has indeed failed. Even on a test circuit the thing fails to light, so that will need replacing, not much i can do in that case!

1-Daily FTS RO Machine.23

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