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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Reflectors back on, and a new toy.

Had a ride to one of my favourite local shops in the hope that they had some replacement Juwel reflector clips in. Thankfully the are a main dealer and do carry a good catalogue of spares.

Daily FTS Lido 120.02

A fiver to replace them, more acceptable than having to buy a whole new set of them! I now have full brightness back in the tank, it really does make a substantial difference! If you think about it, 50% of the usable light being emitted from the tubes is technically lost. It still baffles me how they do not come standard with the aquarium.

As you can see i also purchased a small Mag-Float for the Lido. Wonderful things that help keep the glass clean and prevent you having to put your hands into the water!

I'm not saying that to sound like I'm scared of getting wet, it is just a good idea to limit contact with the water as much as possible. The products, chemicals and natural oil secretion that may be present on our skin is better left out of the aquarium!

So a great little tool! Especially if you whip over the glass every day or so for a couple of minutes, it will stay crystal clear.

As the name suggests, should the two become separated, the half in the water will just float to the top, and if you are quick enough, you can detach the outer piece and hold it on an adjacent pane, and there should be enough magnetism to pull it back, so you can continue around the whole aquarium.

Go ahead and spend your Christmas money on one!

Daily FTS Lido 120.36

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