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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Radion Pro New Information

From my daily peruse around the latest aquarium information and feeds on the web, i came across a snippet about the pending EcoTech Marine Radion PRO LED fixtures that are due for release in the very near future.

The best bit, it looks like the fixtures will be a little bit cheaper than the original forecasted prices. Which goes to show the cost of LED technology is really starting to tumble and thus making it more accessible to many more hobbyists.

As i already own the Generation or G1 fixtures as they are now known, i am mostly interested in the proposed upgrade paths to boost my existing equipment to the new lighting modules. This appears to be coming along somewhere early next year. Hopefully in the first quarter, as i hope be going through the cycling stages of my reef aquarium and going toward getting some live stock and corals in there at around March/April time.

Source from Reef Builders

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