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Sunday, 23 December 2012

New GHL ProfiLux Updates

Noted a few new items on the GHL download pages today. The most interesting being a new Firmware Version release and an updated version of ProfiLux Control (PLC) to v5.1.5.1

Currently in BETA due to the website so i may hang on shortly for the full stable version.

However from the release notes there are a few things that have me very interested…

Version 5.15
    - adjustments for ProfiLux 3 Outdoor
    - support for new cards PLM-4Level and PLM-pH/Redox-2Level
    - new tokens for creating own web pages in ProfiLux
    - digital inputs can start now all special actions (e.g. like waterchange 2 or maintenance 3 etc.)
    - ProfiLux is prepared for the new GHL-apps
    - NTP: timezones extended
    - for waterchange and auto top off with the same sensors it is possible now to use different sockets without the need to use the programmable logic
    - minor bugs of the previous versions fixed
    - prepared for the coming new firmware for ProfiLux Touch and SMS-module


The third point regarding the tokens for the web pages has been of interest. There is also new documentation on the GHL download centre for this. I do like this part of the ProfiLux and have spent some time playing with the tokens in both the web page and the email update system. So its great to have new ones to add extra information in.

These new tokens include…

  • The ability to set actual and nominal decimal point precision
  • Sensor operation state symbols
  • A Max/Min allowed range of a sensor
  • Level Control names and descriptions can be obtained, as well as their current operational state, signified with various symbols.
  • Feed Pause, Maintenance, Water Change and Thunderstorm activity.
  • Measurement Value Sample

The last one i am not completely sure about, however it does appear to give a sensor value from a specific time and date!

Still, plenty of new things to have a go with!

The next interesting bit is the Digital Inputs. This is not something I've had any experience with as of yet, but will be looking to use them in the future, with water change being one of the finer points. So it’s good to know there has been some development towards that functionality.

The new App preparation is also a thumbs-up! Waiting for a release on that, but it must be coming soon if the rest of the hardware is coming up to speed.

NTP: timezones extended… i already have this setup with my ProfiLux CLICK HERE for more details on how to set it up and frankly it works brilliantly! It keeps the ProfiLux internal time very accurate which tends to loose or gain seconds over time. I'm not exactly sure what has changed here as i cannot see anything in the latest documentation or within PLC?

The final item that has me more interested than anything on the list, is the preparation for the new Touch firmware.

The Touch is a great add on to the ProfiLux system but it really does feel a little bit basic and limited for the time being, it really could have huge potential which i am sure GHL will work on it over the coming months, but i am very interested to see what the changes to it will be on this pending update.

As a general update to my ProfiLux ownership and usage… i am glad i spent the bit extra and went with it. I have been really impressed with its functionality, even though i have only really scratched the surface. The way it manages all the timer system and can over ride them in the event of feed or maintenance pauses, is just brilliant, as one of my pet hates was always fumbling round trying to find plug sockets or line switches buried down the back of the aquarium!

A quick tap on the Touch or a button on the ProfiLux itself to set the aquarium into the required state is a great thing.

The temperature control has also been rock solid stable and flawless, it will be great to soon see how other sensor controlled systems work when i eventually get it connected up to my reef tank build.

The only minor issue i do have is the system does occasionally stop sending my requested email updates. There is no specific time as to when it will do it, and switching the main unit off and on again does seem to instantly get it going again.

I am not blaming the ProfiLux, as it may be an issue with my network and/or router at the moment, so i need to look at that in a little more depth before coming to any conclusion. I shall report back as always when i figure it out!

All ProfilLux manuals and software can be found HERE at the official GHL website.

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