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Monday, 10 December 2012

Java Fern Propagation

The small new plants growing on my “mother” Java Fern have been coming along at some rate now. There must be almost a dozen of them in various sizes strewn all over the main plant, which also continues to grow its own rhizome and creep along the piece of bog wood it is attached to.

Recently two leaves were released. I assume this is the plants way of letting the new plants go and find pastures new, using the discarded leaf as a sail to catch the currents.

I noticed this happen over the course of around 48 hours where the leaf stem started to brown and thin down, and eventually i found it on the opposite side of the tank buried in one of the Valis plants.

Interestingly the leaves are “heavy” and tend to sink rather than float to the surface which is another interesting concept of the plant.

Is it wrong to call a plant clever? It’s certainly an intriguing method of keeping your species going!

I rescued and dethatched the new plants and attached them to a piece of PVC tube until i can obtain some pieces of wood.

I am going to attempt to mature them in time for the pending upgrade of this tank so i have more Java Ferns to work with when it gets setup.

1-Java Fern Propagation.44.44

My Bristlenose appears to have taken it upon himself to guard the new plants!

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