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Saturday, 15 December 2012

DaStaCo Calcium Reactor Arrives

Long time waiting for an update for my Woodson Aquaria. At long last my DaStaCo 800 Calcium Reactor has arrived. With thanks to Jon and Rachael at H20 Aquatics.

This was the last large piece of the puzzle i needed in my hands so i can make the final plans for getting the aquarium up and running.

With it confirmed that the reactor will fit into the area that i want it located i can now set about constructing the stand alone refugium. The acrylic is on order… so a bit more waiting… again!

2-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.43

Its a hefty sized piece of kit! The two chambers are around the size of a Deltec PF501! I have no doubt this will cater for my reefs needs for many years to come.

5-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.30

The control unit that makes everything all “oh-so-simple” and a monster of a peri pump to keep the system fed!

6-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.36

The peri really is a beast of a unit, mounting it along with the controller may well be a little tricky, but it is mounted on a removable bracket should a more appropriate location be found.

The control box itself its small and neat with that one simple control dial.

3-Aqua Medic CO2 Solenoid.17

Aqua Medic CO2 electronic solenoid, this connects to the DaStaCo controller itself.

4-CO2 Regulator and Check Valve.39

Regulator and one way valve for when the gas supply arrives of course.

The original plan was to mount the reactor on the back face of one of the cabinet doors, to allow easy access and maintenance and so it stands in unused space when the door is closed, as well as freeing up cabinet real estate.

The back plate however is slightly to large to fit through the doors!

7-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.09

But seeing as its only a sheet of acrylic with several simple tube clips and support brackets i have purchase another piece to have a go at remounting the reaction tubes.

I could have taken the original back piece down a bit but didnt want to damage it in anyway so it can be put back to its original state in future, should it be required. With around 10mm lopped off the side the it will fit through the gap perfect and then into the space between the closed door and the sump.

8-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.22

Still leaving a reasonable gap…

9-DaStaCo Calcium Reactor.32

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