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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Advantage of a hooded aquarium!

While i do love the ultra modern and sophisticated look of a rimless and braceless aquarium, i would be in constant fear that the livestock would be spooked one day and end up dry and crispy on the living room floor.

On a walk by head count today i had to double and triple check the fact of only seeing 3 of my 4 Dwarf Gourami’s swimming around, initially i fear the worst, until i saw this bemused face looking out the filter box.

Dwarf Gourami.47

I do leave the top cover off the filter box as they do not tend to fit very well and always end up buzzing and rattling if they somehow rest on the power head or the cable.

Perhaps they were playing Monopoly and he had been sent “Straight to Jail?” <tumbleweed>

Dwarf Gourami.35

I went to scoop him out with my hand, which honestly made him jump, resulting in a back flip back into the main water body!

Thankfully the initial leap of faith wasn't close to the two openings in the rear of the hood!

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