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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Snails, Shrimps and Dosing. A general update.

A quick post noting a few things in the Lido.


During one of my viewing sessions into the underwater world i noticed an odd shape through the grille of the filter box in the back of the tank. Under closer inspection i find two snails! About 10mm across!

These guys have been living in there for a while now, and the last time i saw them was several weeks ago. Assuming they had perished by means of the filter pump or sadly with shell erosion as my previous snails did. They were only 3-4mm across the breadth of their shell the last time i saw the largest one, but now there are these two beasts roaming around in there feasting on the crud on the floss!

Unfortunately they do both seem to be showing a small amount of the white “pitting” on the tips of their shells. I will keep a close eye on this as long as they don't disappear into thin air again.

It may be worth moving them to the main water body now, seeing as they have outgrown the puffers.

1-Trapdoor Snail.232-Trapdoor Snail.343-Trapdoor Snail.06


I have some concern over my Amano Shrimps activity in the aquarium. They seem to be very reclusive and barely come out from hiding compared to their activity in the past.

Assuming the worst, i have reassured myself by finding a skin shed today and then after some careful looking, found one female and a male hidden down the back of some of the Valis plants. I have only seen them late at night other than this, but normally they would be busy all over the tank.

After some reading i fear it may be the potions i am adding to the aquarium, mainly the Flourish Iron and Flourish Trace mixtures.

OK, everything else in the tank is thriving. Plants are growing better than ever, fish seem very fat, healthy and happy and the tank is 99% algae free.

However the Iron and the Copper in the Flourish Trace may be having an adverse effect on the shrimps, so i have made a decision to cease dosing everything other than Flourish and Flourish Excel for now, as i have been using those for months and the shrimps never missed a beat.

If this is the case and they become active again, i will look at removing them in order to keep the dosing going and make them a place to live where they are not subjected to elements they do not like.

I will report back on this in the next week or so…


Talking about dosing, once the Seachem products are almost used up i am considering trying the Estimative Index (EI) method of micro and macro dosing on the tank, as well as moving on to using CO2. I have seen some excellent and inspiring reports on using this form of addition and it would seem to work out substantially cheaper.

After all, anything you buy in a bottle is 99.99% water anyway!

I will be researching this a little more and may look at incorporating it into the potential upgrade i have planned from my tropical setup.

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