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Thursday, 8 November 2012

GHL Profilux - NTP Time Server

After installing my Profilux around a week back now, i have noticed that the systems time has shifted away from the time i originally set using the option to sync with the connected PC’s time.

There is the option to adjust time by up to ±59 per seconds every day in the time&date settings, but as long as your Profilux is connected to the internet, there is a much more swish and technical way of ensuring your system always has the correct time.

First go to the following link and find a server in your country/region.

For the UK as an example, there will be several servers at the top of the screen, looking something like this…


Next go to the System settings and then click the LAN button inside ProfiluxControl.

GHL Timeserver

Under the NTP (Timeserver) settings, copy and paste one of those server names into the “Domain” box.

Note you need to copy the number and then everything after it, as shown below…

GHL Timeserver-001

Adjust the Timezone if required, although if you are using an NTP from your home country you shouldn't need to.

Set the Update Interval to whatever you feel is necessary. For me 60minutes (1hour) is sufficient. This is how often the Profilux will check itself against the Timeserver.

Then click Save!

TIP! Set the Update Interval to 1minute initially, click Save then come back at least a minute later, you should see the IP address for the server has been evaluated in the box marked “Current NTP-Server-IP” this means the update is working. You can now set the longer interval.

On checking my Profilux after it had carried out its first update it had then caught back up with the original PC time, which uses the usual Windows Internet time sync.

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