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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A couple points of interest.

Two things have caught my attention recently.

One is the proposed App for the GHL Profilux. Will be great to control the system from the comfort of my phone!

Not sure exactly how it will connect, assuming local Wi-Fi control rather than over the Internet monitoring? Would be nice if the latter were part of the parcel though.

I do wonder if it will begin to render the Profilux Touch as obsolete however? The screen shots seen on the GHL support forum show quite a nice and slick interface with more apparent control than the Touch. Obviously not as quick and as convenient to get a quick parameter check as you breeze past the aquarium or have the need to find your phone first to initiate a feed pause etc...

Details on the GHL Support Forum

Either way I'm looking forward to having a go!

The other item is the Eheim reeflexUV steriliser unit.

I originally planned to use an Aqua Medic Helix UV on my reef build, but with the largest reeflexUV only consuming a tiny 11watts, I'm seriously considering the Eheim instead. After all, a portion of my build is dedicated to using the most energy efficient and sustainable equipment and methods.

What look like union joints for easy install and removal, and that bottle clip style holder, mounting should be an easy task, and the aluminium can design looks simple and sophisticated.

I haven't found any UK prices yet, but if you Google the units, a couple of UK based online retailers will reveal they are due to stock them.

eheim reeflex uv

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