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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sand Sifting Gourami caught in the act!

From this previous post > Sand Dunes

I noted that the Nano 900 power head in my Lido 120 seemed to have a coating of sand at regular intervals before lights on.

I then caught one of the Dwarf Gourami’s making a quick exit when i saw the sand falling from the waters surface one day.

Well now i have caught it in the act! As can be seen on the following video.

Apologies about the quality as it was still dark in the tank and the sun was shining though the window/curtains.

The fish basically goes to the substrate, scoops up some sand before returning to the surface just above the power head and spitting it back out. You may be able to just make out the sand falling back to earth.

Sand Sifting Gourami

I am just really curious to understand why it is doing this? Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated!

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