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Saturday, 20 October 2012

RO Machine - Part 1

Recently i decided to get my finger out and get my RO/DI water purification system built and running.

This is an idea i have had for a while now and already have all the basic parts for “manually” making my RO water.

As part as a self learning project to learn C programming through the aid of an Arduino ATMEGA board, i have decided to make this system fully automated so i will always have a constant supply of RO water for general usage, top ups and water changes.

It will incorporate my existing RO water unit and use a various controls and sensors to carry out the production. As well as supplying the water to the house and onto the aquariums.

The two companies i manly use for the RO parts are .

Both these companies provide a myriad of parts and equipment for carrying out RO production.

I have recently place a couple of orders. Mostly for pipework bits and pieces. Although i have decided to use a HM Digital PS-202 TDS controller to provide the sensor for that side of things. I will elaborate more on this when the unit arrives.

So far i have several items from RO-Man.

A few pipe odds and ends… these will be used for making a cell for mounting the PS-202 sensors into.

2012-10-20 10.39.37

Also some electronically operated solenoids. This will be used to control the flow between the different areas of the RO unit itself and eventually on to supply the aquariums.

2012-10-20 10.41.07

And several metres of RO tubing as the store will be located in the garage and then piped into the house.

2012-10-20 10.36.25

Mainly awaiting the controller before i can begin to make progress.

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