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Monday, 15 October 2012

Purigen Container Second Attempt

Putting the Purigen inside some floss to try and contain it was a failure pretty much outright!

I checked the floss chunk yesterday and it had pretty much fell apart and the Purigen was escaping out and potentially getting sucked up by the power head and distributed into the main water body!

Thankfully despite this happening there have been no ill effects to the livestock, even though they did attempt to eat the free floating bits!

Original Attempt

So i set out to find something a little more suitable.

Unfortunately, Seachem do a product called The Bag, which is as the name suggest, a filter media bag that contains the Purigen. Unfortunately its huge and more accustomed to being used in either a large external or a sumped system. Not placed into a Juwel stack.

However it does mention the bag is made from 180micron mesh, which is sufficient to contain the media.

So armed with this information i set out to find something that will replicate the Seachem item.

This didnt take too long, searching on the internet for “Filter Mesh”, and within time i found some rated at 135microns. I couldn't quite find the exact 180micron, and there were plenty of 200micron meshes but I decided to go smaller rather than larger just in case 200 is right on the limit.

I got a sample of the mesh…

2012-10-10 15.15.58

2012-10-10 15.16.04

It’s thin and lightweight but nice and strong, and the gaps are definitely small enough.

The next issue was how to make a container from it. My first thoughts were to try and obtain an overlocking machine and attempt to make my own fancy drawstring bags for it, similar to most media bags out there.

My problem is, i do over engineer and over complicate things sometimes! So i went back to the drawing board for a more simple idea…

I started with roughly a 6 inch square…

2012-10-14 18.00.02

Placed it over a tea cup…

2012-10-14 18.04.10

Measured the amount of media i needed into the cup…

2012-10-14 18.05.55

Then bunched up the remaining material and closed it up tight with a plastic tie wrap…

2012-10-14 18.07.23


And the Purigen is going nowhere from there!

I then placed it back into the original media bag, mainly due to the string making things easier to find when working blind.

2012-10-14 18.21.17

And returned it to the filter, this time nothing escaped! Other than the odd one or two that had made it out when the previous failure was removed! I did spend a moment removing as much as possible from the bottom of the filter box, but some had made their way into the power head chamber.

This will now be in for the duration of 6 weeks before i check it again. In which case ill report back with the results of the new mesh bag.

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