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Monday, 22 October 2012

New Additions! Hi Fin Cory’s

At the LFS today to get a few bits and bobs and fancied a few bottom dwellers, now knowing that snails reliant on calcium carbonate are a bit of a no-no for me.

Went in thinking of either a Red Tail shark or some cheap and cheerful Corydoras.

I do like the Red Tail, but felt in the end, one may get a little large for my current setup. I've had them in the past and they are great fish, just ideally need a bit of swimming room.

Thankfully the shop had a load of Hi Fin Pepper Cory’s, which if memory serves me right is actually a “man made” version rather than a morph from the wild. Still they looked healthy and were a steal at 3 for £6! Great little machines for keeping the upper layers of the substrate broken up.

hi fin pepper cory

hi fin pepper cory

Look great when they are scooting around as a small shoal!

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