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Monday, 22 October 2012

More new Seachem stuff!

My fetish for Seachem products continues! Seriously i have been that happy with other things they make i thought i would expand on what else the Flourish range has to offer and see if i gain any improvement.

First things first, from the last post, i read that my Java Fern needs a decent amount of Iron. For one i have no idea of the Iron content in my water, so i have ordered a test kit to check that one out, should be with me in a few days.

I have already purchased most of the Flourish range now! Including…

  • Flourish Iron
  • Flourish Trace
  • Flourish Potassium
  • Flourish Nitrogen (on order, also coming soon)

For the Iron… as stated i will be dosing it according to the test kit and the recommended Seachem level of 0.1mg/litre.

The Trace i am dosing as per instruction at 5ml per 80ml, which works out to 8ml for my volume, which i will add every 4 days.

Potassium will be also dosed as per instruction of 5ml per 125l, which works out to 5ml, which will again be dosed every 4 days.

I am hoping to see some health improvement from these products, as although my plants general health is substantially better than when i started, there are still a few odd things to be seen. Yellowing and browning of the leaves happens on occasion which always seems to point to a deficiency of one element or another. Some leaves also show the “veining” that i am also led to believe is another tell tale sign of something missing…

2012-10-22 16.32.26

Time will tell, and i will of course report back regular.

Its almost time for me to replace the T5 tubes too, and i have started to notice a tad more algae than usual, which would point to the light colour shifting as they wear out.

When i get my Reef tank up and running i will have a ready supply of CO2 for the Calcium Reactor, which i also plan to run to this tank in order to dose the CO2 gas.

Its all good fun!


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