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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Matrix Carbon 6 Weeks In

I am now 6 weeks in with the current “dose” of Matrix Carbon in my tropical tank.

This time, testing against a glass full of RO/DI water i could see the faintest tinge of yellow against the pure clear water in the other glass.

Its not so easy to see on a picture, although you can kind of make it out around the very edge of the water on the meniscus…

2012-10-07 20.56.20

Pure on the left, tank water on the right.

Its much easier to see when you could hold and adjust it against a light source.

As its still this clear i decided to give the current media another 2 weeks, and then call that the change out point. So in effect I'm getting 8 weeks use out of 80ml of Matrix Carbon.

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