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Friday, 12 October 2012

Java Fern

Went to my LFS today and the usual subliminal messaging they must have, encouraged me to buy something!

Basically picked up a nice big sprig of Java Fern for a good price which will hopefully help my aquarium look a little more interesting

For the hardcore planted tank enthusiast my aquarium must look a little shocking, but it is a big learning curve for me, I've never gone to this sort of extreme with aquarium plants.

Although I started off with the simple and basic plants, I was struggling even with those until I worked out the problems and obvious deficiencies in the water, so keeping the nicer and more elaborate plants would have been impossible. But I'm getting there and learning more and more as the weeks go by.

I would like to do a full strip down or even start a dedicated planted aquarium in the future.

A quick shot of the tank previously...

(Sorry about the reflections, this can be a nightmare to photograph sometimes!)
I stripped out some of the plants to left of the wood...

And this is the Java Fern added...

Certainly adds a little more interest with the different shaped leaves. Also came attached to nice piece of wood, so I lodged that into a crevice on the existing piece to make it into a bit of a feature.

Fish seem pleased too, all the Gouramis instantly went for a look round the new plant and seemed to pick a few bits off edible material of it.

Fingers crossed, the Java Fern is generally quite a hardy plant I have found in the past, and in the future I hope to move onto something a little more interesting to keep.

I have also upped my Flourish and Flourish Excel doses to 4ml/4days and 4ml/day respectively. The existing plants seem to have slowed quite a bit and the new Fern I feel will add a bit more "load" for the nutrients. See how it goes!


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