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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Iron Testing Update

Testing 16 hours after the last dose of 3ml of Flourish Iron, the iron content is almost back down to a trace amount.

Seachem Flourish Iron Test

By my eyes the solution is very feint (it was easier to see with the naked eye) and matches about 0.04mg/l concentration.

Its this information i need to calculate the dosing timing scale. I will take a reading a few hours later calculated on the drop from yesterday and see if it has reached zero?

Knowing that information i can set the schedule for the reminder in the app i use for looking after these things.

On that note is use 2Do, a superb application that really helps manage your aquarium. I have tried many apps dedicated to aquarium keeping but they always feel a little clunky and unfinished. This one is not based on a niche and really works very very well, it can of course be used for many other things!

I will do a better review on that in future. For now you can have a look at the following link…

2Do App Website

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