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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ghetto Live Food Feeder

Straight off the back of the Ghetto Nori Feeder comes another equally terrible looking, but somewhat functional item!

I purchased a bag of Live Bloodworms as a treat for my fish, and completely forgot that i had lost my floating feeder cone months ago, and i didnt fancy just dumping the bag load into the tank.

So thinking quickly, i found a used drinks bottle…

2012-10-22 17.27.04

Hacked the top off…

2012-10-22 17.29.39

Drilled and deburred a series of holes in and around the bottom…

2012-10-22 17.36.26

The intention is to just wedge it into the hole for the Juwel auto feeder…

2012-10-22 17.36.47

Works a treat!

2012-10-22 17.37.20

The submerged end, perfect…

2012-10-22 17.37.26

One bag of live worms, seriously for 40p you cant go wrong and the fish go insane for them!

2012-10-22 17.37.49

Don’t want that red water, or whatever it is, in the aquarium though, so strain them through a net or something similar. In hindsight the net was a bit big, bulky, some of the worms got caught and the rough edges on the Ghetto Feeder caught the mesh as i tried to put them in initially. Will devise something better next time.

2012-10-22 17.40.10

There were enough holes, perhaps a few too many as the fish made very little work of their supplied treat, pulling any foolish ones to their peril if they looked out!

2012-10-22 17.41.47

2012-10-22 17.41.53

It looks as rough as hell, but worked great and all the fish got a great snack, fat bellies and looked very happy for themselves as a result!

Here is a quick video…

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