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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Few Observations

Just a couple of updates from the weekends maintenance.

I mentioned a while back that i had been using an alternative to the Juwel Floss Pads, namely the same stuff you can buy for pond filters.

It’s generally about 5 times as thick and substantially cheaper, and simply requires you to cut some suitable sized squares out of it.

I am more than happy with this and it does offer substantially better filtration.

One problem i had when i added the Gourami's to my tank was the increased waste and feeding load that was applied to the aquarium. I found the standard Juwel pads became overwhelmed in about 4-5 days and the flow from the filter seriously decreased, so i ended up switching them out more often than my 7 day water changes i do on this aquarium.

A tell tale sign i have for filter flow is to have the power head just gently breaking the water surface, so every once in a while you hear a splash. When this diminishes, i know the filter is getting clogged up.

Not so with the pond floss. It will hold substantially more gunk and not slow down the filter flow. I have been feeding the same, but still able to swap it at the 7 day point with no ill effects.

The Juwel kit is great, just a shame the floss pads are far too thin. There is plenty of room in there for the extra thick floss too.

2012-10-14 18.10.57

And on my floss change for this week, the snails I've got living in there made an appearance again! Happily lodged down the side of the pad as per usual.

I don't see them every week and sometimes wonder if they have escaped into the main water or perished.

But the defy me every time and pop up occasionally.

I have been letting them stay in there with the ample food sources and allowing them to get bigger before i move them to the main tank, as any small snail had been feeling the wrath of my Dwarf Puffers. With a few reasonable sized snails I'm hoping they will breed and keep a reasonable live food source going for them.

2012-10-14 18.12.46

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