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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Snail Shenanigans

Since adding the second trap door snail, i originally had a quick influx of half a dozen baby snails which i mentioned in an earlier post.

However i now seem to have a persistent snail shell grave yard…

(Also check out yet another runner from the plants! Need to start propagating soon!)

2012-09-06 12.10.04

In a small area that is at best a dead spot there is always a small pile of empty shells, irrespective of me siphoning them out during water changes.

I can only assume the one remaining large snail is still releasing them and must have a stored amount of genetic material?

Anyway where do they go? Well i hope, the Dwarf Puffers are making a tasty snack from them as i was aware that they like to prey and dine on live snails but never had the guts to throw some ramshorn snails or similar in, in fear of the eating all the live plants. One thing trap doors seem to leave well alone, unless its already a dead and decaying leaf.

If the Puffers are eating them, them great, a superb form of live food for them and helps to simulate their habitat.

On a side note, some snails do make it to sanctuary in the filter tower, and i occasionally find them swirling round in the torrent of the down draft, or casually helping themselves to the collected crud on the filter floss, which again, is no bad thing.

Normally they are very small and i tend to add them back into the main water body, but recently came across this slightly larger one (on the right)… about half the size of a garden pea… and with quite a pretty purple colour to its shell. There was also one of the normal tiny ones, also sporting the same colour shell…

2012-09-06 12.09.51

I cleaned the pad then added these two  guys back to the filter chamber to see if i can grow them a bit and make them a little harder for the puffers to chow down on and see If i can get a sustainable source of snail live food for the future.

The larger one must have spent time hiding in the filter to get as bit as it has, as it is way to large to fit through the filter grilles… either that or they can climb up and over the edge out of the water for a period of time.

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