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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Snail Diarys

I had not seen either of the purple snails I has found since I last posted about them a few weeks ago.

However on a quick check of the filter floss and finding it a little grubby prior to water change day, I lifted out the filter basket only for him to appear out the side as the whole thing slid out.

He had got down the side of the floss and onto the sponges below. Obviously the dining options must be better under there.

I thought I had damaged his shell at first, but under closer inspection it seemed fine.

He has almost doubled in size though!

I'll give him a little longer in the filter to get larger before adding him back to the main water body. I'm still finding loads of empty small shells!

I am mostly convinced they are Trapdoor snails too as I'm sure I can now see the small hatch as he recoils into the shell.


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