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Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Update

Ran my monthly tests today.

GH - 7deg
KH - 4deg
Nitrate - 10ppm

The GH still seems higher than i was aiming for, but everything growing in the aquarium seems in excellent health, so i don't feel i need to put any attention into trying to lower it at all. My original aim was to be in the range of 3-6deg.

2012-09-30 18.51.47

On another note my Purigen sponge bag experimental thing turned out to be a total failure. I lifted it back out to see if the floss had collected any debris, but found quite a lot of the granules had got free.

2012-09-30 18.17.48

I was also a little clumsy returning it to the filter box and a few granules made their way into the main water body. This concerned me as the fish seemed to think it was free floating food and made and attempt to snap it up! They did appear to spit it back out upon realisation but i am slightly concerned for their well being at the moment. Ill overfeed a little this week to ensure they have plenty going through their system and purge anything out that shouldn't be in there.

The hunt is on now to find a better alternative.

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