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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Radion Pro Updates

A recent post on EcoTechs web page and through Facebook has told that the new XR30w Pro fixture will be shown off at MACNA in the near future and that EcoTech will continue to support and sell the Radion in both it's vanilla and Pro flavours, with upgrade paths for the people who want to convert their existing fixtures.

Great news if you want Radions but don't need the differences in the Pro version. Yet you have the ability to upgrade should your needs change in future.

This is excellent as far as I'm concerned as EcoTech are holding up their end of the bargain from when these fixtures were first announced, in the fact that they will be upgradable.

I have so far seen some odd comparisons to Apple on some of the forums slating this announcement in the respect that it's trying to get more from the consumers for an already expensive product for not much in return?

This is ridiculous as the upgrades I feel are substantial and remain part and parcel of the original promise. The opinion seems to be more from the folks who want everything for nothing. Not something that comes often if at all in this hobby!

I also like Apple products ;)

Here's the link to the EcoTech announcement...


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