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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tank Update - Lido 120 - 23/08/2012

Just a few quick pictures of the Lido (sorry for any light flare in the tank glass) and some general updates.

First a quick FTS…

2012-08-23 12.14.43

Plants in some respect seem to be doing exceptionally well and growing light lightning.

I would say a combination of the use of Seachem Equilibrium and the addition of the Dwarf Gourami’s and significantly increased feeding regime i have taken on in the last few weeks may all well be contributing.

I of course also maintain the Flourish and Flourish Excel dosing of 2.5ml/4days and 3ml/day respective. I have also started adding a bit extra Flourish Excel after doing a water change, compensated by what's being exchanged/lost. And works out at around an extra 0.3ml.

The Twisted/Spiral Vallis at the front of the tank have never really done much since they were added. In some cases looking a little sorry for themselves. Recently though they have suddenly started to shoot new, huge bright green leaves which are much wider and thicker than the existing leaves.

Equilibrium might actually be a steroid!

2012-08-23 12.14.50

The straight Vallis meanwhile still reaches for the sky, you can almost sit and watch this stuff grow! I've noted various leaves to grow around 30mm per day!

Still regularly sends out runners to form new plants…

2012-08-23 12.15.23

Yet in the next breath a section will suddenly look sad and sorry and “melt” back to nothing.

2012-08-23 12.14.56

I've found weeding out those leaves as far back as i can get them seem to encourage the rest of the plant to continue growing and also improves the obvious aesthetics of the tank.

A few fish shots… this was during (dry pellet) feeding time…

Brsitlenose takes great delight in hoovering up any that reach the floor.

2012-08-23 12.15.28

One thing i have noted with Ancistrus Catfish is don't buy them and expect them to live solely off algae in the tank, they wont and will not thrive as a result.

Any i have kept, and especially this one, will gorge on just about anything. Yes it will eat some algae but they love any dry, frozen, live or vegetable matter they can get their lips round. He will regular bolt for the surface of the water when i float a Tubifex cube and poke his whole nose out the water in order to get a grip on it and shake it apart. Much to the delight of the other fish who can then chase down the free floating bits.

Gourami swarm, they are feeding directly above the Bristlenose in the previous picture… you can work out his tactics!

2012-08-23 12.15.35

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