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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sand Dunes?

An odd occurrence i have noted recently in the Lido…

2012-08-17 16.45.45 

The Koralia Nano power head i have on the side of the filter box appears to have something trying to bury it!

I noted this over a few days and had no idea how this was happening, initially assuming it was the Bristlenose flicking sand about as her tears around the tank sometimes. However their is an awful lot up there compared to the occasional wave that he produces.

The out the corner of my eye on afternoon while stood in the hallway i saw a plume of sand falling down directly onto the top of the power head!

I strode over to it, just to see one of the Dwarf Gourami’s appear and swim away from being positioned above it!

I have no idea how or why it is doing such a thing! I would naturally assume it has scooped up some substrate in its mouth and then deposited it on the power head… although i did seem far too much for what you would think the fish could carry in such a way!

If you have Gourami’s and have noted similar behaviour, please let me know as i am intrigued!

I have been watching for the fish to do the same thing again, but have had no luck on catching them in the act, even to the moment where it looked like one was ready to scoop up some sand. However i do get home sometimes and the power head has grown its sand toupee once again! So they are still at it.

On a note the power head only runs a couple of times per day for an hour, just to swirl up the typical dead spot in the front corner of a Juwel tank and stop the detritus building up. When it powers up it does blow the sand away.

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