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Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Seachem products in trial

One thing i had forgot to mention recently, is i have decided to try out the various Seachem filter medias in the tropical tank.

This is instead of using the Juwel pad filters, that are intended for the same job.

I've never had any bad experience with the Juwel pads, i have just never been completely convinced by them.

The carbon pads, although they seem to work, just appear to be very fine carbon dust impregnated onto the sponges surfaces, I've always been concerned over just how good this is, compared to granular carbon.

The Nitrax sponge, there to help with the nitrates etc. never seems to have proven to be a tour de force in that area.

So i have made this decision to try out something different and see if there is any improvement or advantage over the sponges/pads.

In the near future i will be doing a slight reconfiguration of the inside of the Juwel stack. Keeping the floss bad on top, followed by a coarse and then fine sponge. This will serve as the mechanical filter.

In the lower half i will use bags with various medias to see how well each fairs.

For starters i picked up some Aqua One media bags…

Aqua One Meida Bag

And the following Seachem items…

Seachem Matrix CarbonSeachem MatrixSeachem Purigen

  • The Matrix Carbon will replace the existing carbon sponge.
  • Matrix will replace the Cirax ceramic media (which is nearing its usable life)
  • Purigen i will see how well it fairs with the Nitrates etc.

They also all work out quite a bit cheaper than the sponges in the short to medium run. There is enough Matrix Carbon to equal out the cost of 4 sponge changes, the Matrix works out roughly the same as the Cirax media and although the Purigen is considerably more expensive (£22.49 for 250ml as above) you do use it in very small quantities (around 35ml for the Lidos volume) and you can regenerate it using bleach! So in theory it never runs out.

However i probably wont go to the trouble of regenerating the Purigen since it is being used in such small quantities. But its a good thought if you are using much larger amount of it.

The Matrix Carbon is already in use might i add, it was added into the system during the last water change as the existing pad was at the end of its usable period. It is in a bag, awkwardly squashed under the upper sponge layers in the original space of the carbon sponge, but as i said before, the loose media will be position in the lower section very soon.

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