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Monday, 27 August 2012

More uses for the Ghetto Feeder

Attach a Tubifex block to the feeder to help it sink to the bottom.

2012-08-27 16.20.19

This stops the block just bouncing about on the water surface after its been knocked off the glass after the first bite and ending up pinned to the filter grilles will the current pulls all the food in.

By Bristlenose also enjoys the Tubifex worms and is normally the first to them even when the block is bobbing about aimlessly. He will lift his whole nose out the water to get hold of it and pull it back down into the water. This normally helps the other fish when a load of food is then released.

Being on the bottom makes life a little easier for him…

2012-08-27 16.21.21

Still does all the hard work of freeing up the forms as a bunch of hungry fish hover above him catching up the swept up bits!

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