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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Heater Result

I had my heart set on using Aqua Medic Titanium heaters on my Reef tank, mainly through praise and recommendation, along with the fact they are made from (believe it or not), titanium! Therefore highly resilient to the salt water environment, and they also have no thermostat.

Surely that’s a bad thing as you cannot set the temperature? In effect, no you cannot, but then they are designed to be used with a separate controller, and as far as I'm concerned this is a good thing. (For the record they do have overheat and dry run cut-out).

For a start thermostats can fail and either cook your tank or not bother warming it up. They are generally inaccurate and can only sample the temperature in their immediate area.

The use of these heaters with a separate controller means the temperature probe can essentially be in a more appropriate location where flow is much higher and representative of the main displays actual condition, and many controllers have a hysteresis function which allows a range to be set, rather than a finite switching point.

With a normal thermostat, the temperature (for example) will be set at 26deg. So when the stat reaches a point below 26deg depending on its accuracy it will constantly be switching on and off as the temperature fluctuates about the desired value.

With a hysteresis on a controller, a nominal value of 26deg is set, and then (for example) a range of 0.6deg. This means the heater will switch on at 25.7deg and stay on, until 26.3deg before switching back off.

In some cases a dual control temperature controller can have a cooling loop which will either run fans or a chiller. The setup will be slightly more complex in this case, however, the heat loop can be active from 25.7deg to 26deg at which point it will shut down, and the cooling loop will activate at 26.3deg and bring the temp back down to 26deg before switching back off.

So what's the issue? Well the Titanium heaters, especially in the 300w model are a bit of a nightmare to get hold of! No matter where i looked or called, nobody had stock or could confirm when any would ever arrive.

This was a bit of a downer, but i eventually got tipped off that a website called The Green Machine did have them. So i checked the site out, sure enough they were listed, but no stock indication on the website. So i took a shot, ordered a couple and waited a few hours.

Thankfully an email came through saying the order had been dispatched and not a message saying “Sorry we have none in stock” as i had from elsewhere!

So a free mention on me, especially as they arrived next day on a Saturday morning!

Just need to decide on a controller now!

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