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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Filter Overhaul

Decided today to carry out the full overhaul of the filter system on my Lido.

2012-08-26 19.58.23

I will have 4 pads stacked in the top section of the filter comprising of…

  • Floss Pad
  • Coarse Pad
  • Fine Pad (Currently a Nitrax one)
  • Fine Pad

The lower section has a Juwel Cirax box with the lid remove to act as a cradle for when i life it back out. In there there are…

  • The existing Cirax media (approx. 200-250ml) for seeding
  • 250ml of Seachem Matrix
  • 80ml of Seachem Matrix Carbon
  • 32ml of Seachem Purigen

The floss pad will continue to be swapped approximately every 7 days, with the others been squeezed out in tank water during a change. The coarse and fine pads will periodically be swapped out for new ones.

The ceramic media will be replaced by 50% every 6 months, the carbon every 4-6weeks and the Purigen will remain under observation for now. I will likely replace it once it has changed colour whenever that may be.

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