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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Baby Snails

Turns out there are at least 4 babies now from the parent snail! During a bit of maintenance today i noted something swirling round in the water current in the filter box, quickly realising it was one of the new tiny snails, and then noted its brothers and sister on the floss pad.

The bright dot to the right is the one clinging onto the water surface for dear life! The others can be made out roughly on the floss pad…

2012-08-01 17.48.18

Of course they can slip through the grills and are clearly chowing down on what the filter pad has to offer.

I was in two minds to allow them to stay in the filter and i suppose they would help out in a way, but that pad does need to go some time, so i made the decision to take them out and put them into their own sanctuary for now.

Here are three of them as i lifted the filter stack…

2012-08-01 17.51.58

Very carefully picked them up with a pair of tweezers, their shells feel incredibly delicate, hopefully i haven't damaged any of them…

2012-08-01 17.59.14

And now have them in their own temporary tank, which is basically a 1 litre container for them to take refuge in…

2012-08-01 18.26.00

I am in two minds to either return them to the filter box where they have plenty of food and relative safety, but fear they will get hurt when i carry out tasks inside the filter box.

If they stay out, i will look at setting up a better place for them with an air pump for circulation. will be great to see how fast they grow.

Also did a few water tests today, all looking ok, nothing serious to worry about…

  • Nitrate 5ppm
  • GH 5deg
  • KH 4deg

The hardness values are remaining very stable it would seem. Will still like to get the KH up though.

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